Topless Utah Fan

Topless Utah Fan at the Utah vs. TCU game. Since when did Rice Eccles Stadium become a Strip Club? Classy Utah fan takes her top off during the game.

Why does this video not suprise me? Maybe because Utah fans are constantly trying to prove just how classless they really are.

I always hear that RES isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. However, every time I have been it has been a bad experience. This is not just attending BYU games there either, every game I have been to up there I have run into very classless fans. I have seen several U fans switch to BYU fans because they can’t stand the fan behavior up on the hill and do not want to raise their kids going to games up there.

Here is the link to the video; I must warn you though that there is nudity involved and it is not safe for work, but apparently it is okay at RES.

The funny thing is that so many U fans say that they police their own. I have heard LDS fans say they always tell the Rowdy fans to clean up their act. However, while watching this video I did not see a single U fan try to stop her. All I heard was cheering like they were at a Strip Club. So where are these LDS U fans? Apparently there aren’t any in the North end zone.

I am amazed to see the U fans trying to constantly prove Max Hall right. What a classless organization!

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